This page contains highlights of some of the issues facing farm families and the agriculture industry in today’s world. I farm with my husband on his family farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our farm focuses mainly on grain farming of cereals and canola but has recently entered into raising bison. This has been a big learning curve for me. Being a working mother of 2 boys I struggle with wanting to do the best for my children, the best for our farm, the best for the future of our land and the agricultural industry, the environment, and hopefully make a living while we are at it.

After graduating high school I attended university with the goal of graduating with a degree in Food Science. Once I met my husband and got involved in the farm it became evident that my time and money would be better spent investing in the business we were trying to grow. I have spent the last 10+ years learning the ins and outs of the accounting process as it relates to our farm, and for over two years now I have been on a mission to take in all the information I can about the hot topics such as GMOs, the use of antibiotics and hormones in animals and food safety. What I have found is there is a shocking amount of misinformation floating around on social media, and often people are willing to believe what they read without checking the facts.  The more research I did, the angrier I got until I became this crazy person commenting on all of my friends stories as they related to agriculture and our farm. I started this blog as a way to share the interesting information I find with the people who have an open mind and hopefully avoid any ‘unfriending’ from those that don’t! My narrative is directed towards consumers and those interested in learning more about agriculture. I am aware that often my writing is not as in depth as other primary producers would like but that is because my goal is to connect with those in charge of the food purchasing decisions. 

I believe the story most people hear of agriculture is not told by farmers or people in the industry and that needs to change. I am planning on doing my part to be the voice of agriculture and maybe even convince some of my peers to do the same. I welcome comments and criticism because although I am hoping to always use science, experience and facts, everyone makes mistakes and my goal is to share the truth. You will see me using solid peer reviewed evidence to back up my claims and if you want to disagree I will hold you to the same regard. I enjoy a good discussion but bullying, name calling and anyone not interested in treating others in a respectful manner will not be tolerated on this page.

Thanks for popping in, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile…..


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